CWIC BULLETIN # 7 HB 4409 passes!

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HB 4409 passes, just hours before


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Our Coastal team of Senators and Representatives, though less than 1 of  5 in the Senate, and less than 1 of 10 in the House, exerted leadership and determination on behalf of Coastal citizens, fighting off killer bills like, HB 911, and HB 4733, and reducing the problems included in SB 14. The final days saw SB 14 die in the House, then resurected by the Senate–amended to HB 4409, then passed.  The final provisions were hammered out by Conference Committee, including matters first presented to the Conference Committee May 30, and to the public May 31.  Compared to the law it replaces, many of the ‘reforms’ still in the bill are considered helpful to insurers, to the state, to inland Texans, but are troublesome to Coastal Texans.  Many troublesome provisions were removed or limited by our stalwart Coastal Members.  A copy of the final bill is attached.

The biggest success is that action was taken to provide new funding to pay TWIA claims and AVOID a SPECIAL SESSION, with its predictably more dire results.

The most troublesome action is that the new funding is LIMITED, and substantially reduces incentive for insurers to write policies voluntarily in the Catastrophe Area.

A detailed breakdown of the bill and a ‘bullets’ opinion page will be posted on our CWIC website by June 3, 2009.  Please visit for this information.

Also to be listed at are the Coastal Senators and Coastal Representatives who should be thanked for their substantial efforts on our behalf.

CWIC was more organized in 2009 than it has been in quite a few years, but it is still WAY SHORT of what it NEEDS TO BE to adequately support our Members in the Legislature.  Windstorm change is a never ending pendulum swing.  If each of us, whose economic ‘life or death’ is at stake, do not become much more actively involved–enough to match the activism of the insurance industry–we are VICTIMS of our own malaise.

Windstorm legislation is never ‘over’; CWIC is not going to sleep.  Get involved in BUILDING the communications, studies, active involvement in the many annual windstorm actions.  CWIC needs ‘contact’ persons in each Coastal community to build a grassroots ‘Minuteman’ type readiness.  Please let us know of your interest.

Coastal Windstorm Insurance Coalition


Galveston Windstorm Action Committee, Inc., ‘host’ of CWIC

Lee Otis “Otie” Zapp, Jr., President, June 2, 2009

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